The seeds have been planted for an ongoing exchange of ideas and experiences ... here >

As sementes para um intercâmbio de idéias e experiências foram plantadas. ...mais >

The seeds have been planted for an ongoing exchange of ideas and experiences.

Streets to Creeks- Sailors Bay is an exciting community program for residents of Castlecrag, Northbridge and Willoughby to help prevent pollution and protect local bushland, creeks and Sailors Bay. Willoughby City Council commenced this program in January 2003 with assistance from the NSW Government's Stormwater Trust... more >  


The Cleanwater initiative is about raising awareness of the impacts that human activity has on our waterways. We are generating support from business and the community to encourage pollution prevention as well protecting and restoring our catchment areas.

Visit your local Council's web site to find out what they are doing to help save our waterways.
Contact Information > is an initiative of Willoughby Council on behalf of Councils and organisations working towards making the environment a cleaner, healthier place.

Your local Council is actively pursuing a cleaner environment. Contact them to find out what they are doing and how you can get involved or send us your e-mail in the space above and we will keep you updated.

You can obtain more information on how to contact your local council at:

Willoughby City Council
Catchment Education Officer
Tel: 02 9777 1000

An excerpt from a letter to Cleanwater:

"As a visitor to your country I'm constanty awe-struck by its beauty. I have travelled right the way from West to East and have rarely been unimpressed with the view. Even on the streets in the cities including Sydney it is quite rare to see an excess of rubbish and litter. This remained true until recently when I moved into an Apartment at Rosebay and saw part of that beach. The beach as viewed from the road is imaculate but unfortunatly further along the beach hidden by development is ruined with litter.

Myself and my friends have often spent time picking up large items of litter and trying even in just a small way to tidy up. We do however need to work like everybody else and with the little free time we have at present we use to see as much as possible of your country."

When rain hits the ground it becomes stormwater. Stormwater moves the pollution from roads down the drain into the harbour and it is not treated by the sewerage system... more >

CleanWater Supporters
Streets to Creeks - Sailors Bay Supporters
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