Lagoa do Peri  Municipal Park

Law 1828/81 Dec. 091/82
Area: 2030 hectares

The municipal park at Lagoa do Peri is a model of recreational infrastructure, environmental education, and environmental preservation. The park protects some of the last remnants of native Atlantic rainforest on Santa Catarina Island. It has the biggest fresh water lagoon of the coast of Santa Catarina State - Lagoa do Peri.

The Lagoa do Peri Park has three ecological tracks and trained guides to help visitors interpret the environment, which features creeks, beaches, archaeological sites, waterfalls and the rich native fauna and flora.

Jurere Beach Village

Jurerê Beach Village is an enterprise of the Habitasul group at Jurerê Beach, Florianópolis. It is a hotel with apartments and convention centre. The fore dune has been revegetated with native species of restinga (sand dune vegetation) as part of a foredune revegetation. The revegetation project started in 1998 due to a court decision and currently the area is being monitored. It is worth pointing out that the boardwalk, which connects the hotel to the beach, was the first initiative to permit beach access integrated with dune protection on Santa Catarina Island.

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